What exactly is a Twerkie?

A butt-shaking figurine

We looked at bobble heads and decided that instead of just bobbing their heads like those guys from "A Night at the Roxbury", they should have big booties and shake them like on a twerking video. So we gave them a badonkadonk and made them dance.

Made of hand painted polyresin

We use the same high quality polyresin as the most popular bobble heads in the market, including those of the NBA, which are made in the same factory. After being molded, each Twerkie is hand painted and packed in a gift box.

That makes for a really great gift!

Put it on your desk at work to bounce away the stress of worksheets and deliverables. Have one in your car to shake off the boredom of being stuck in traffic. Or gift it to a friend who likes to wiggle their worries away.

We have three different versions

Choose your favorite one:

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